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Bounder Ball

Where the Futsal ball is always live & the play never stops!

TRU-Bounce Bounder Ball is an Exciting, New, Competitive 3v3 soccer experience, conceived of by Coach  Doug Williams, that brings together the fast-pace of 3v3 soccer with the ball manipulation skills needed to use low-bounce Futsal balls and the passing skills needed to score goals on touch-activated TRU-Bounce Sensory Rebounders™  instead of goals with keepers.

Bounder Ball Events: About Me

TRU-Bounce Celebrations and Festivals

Our Tournaments aim at Bringing Communities Together

Our goal with our 3v3 Bounder Ball Tournaments and Festivals is to Celebrate each Community we become Involved in. Through our Bounder Ball Tournaments, we bring Life and Energy into each Community. Below are the links to our Celebrations:

Bounder Ball Events: Welcome

August 13th Lexington Family 3v3 Futsal Festival 6pm-8:30pm

Hosted by Lexington Soccer Academy and TRU-Bounce Soccer

  • Girls and Boys from LSA & Recreational Soccer from U8 (2014) to U12 (2009)

  • No $ fee for any LSA or Recreational player to register as a Free Agent

  • Players will be assigned to 3v3 teams by LSA Academy Coaches

  • 3v3 games will be played on Field 4 of the Gibson Rd. Soccer Complex

  • Parents can play 3v3 games from 7:10 to 7:30 

Bounder Ball Events: About
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